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Avi Zakuto


Five months ago I began to plan a challenging website which a lot of online store builders said "in wix platform it is impossible". But I believe with creative person I can achieve this goal. To fin Custom Online Store which needs high level of expertise was challenging indeed. But luckily I found at Dim. The idea of custom featured online store was interesting for him and we create a very nice collaboration during this long and intensive period. I loved Dim's enthusiasm on new questions on UX and creative answers on complex site behaviors. I was lucky to have this partnership all these period that result with a site I was dreaming on it for a long time with all the features that I was looking for. Thanks Dim for all.



Oral Care Systems - ISRAEL

Beat Hartmann

First of all a very big thank you Dim for your excellent support and advice re-designing our website. Dim was very helpful with all aspects of creating the new site and was able to combine my ideas with his experience to a superb website. I definitely recommend Dim to help you create a new website.


Hartmann Singleton

Property Acquisition in Switzerland - SWITZERLAND

Tianyi Chen (Terry)


Dm is a great guy to work with. At the end of the day, he would give you a brand new website that far exceeds your expectation for a super reasonable price. All I gave Dim is my old website and a few other websites that I like, then he works the magic. In summary, extremely satisfied, the new version much more professional and well-crafted. Will recommend Dim to anyone who is looking for a Wix Expert.


AnJu Capital 安居投资

Mortgage Services - USA

Michael McClain

Communication was excellent and expectations were clear from moment one. The service was great all the way through and I felt confident that the final product would be a professionally made website. The first draft came quickly and after some quick minor changes the website was ready to go in a few hours. My overall experience was wonderful and I would definitely recommend Chadoulas if you need an awesome site!


Verdante s.r.o.

Product Design - SLOVAKIA

Kimberly Perry

When I inquired about a Wix Partner to assist me with transferring content from our existing website and designing a new site, Dim of Chadoulas Web Design responded immediately. Within a matter of minutes he had conducted an online consultation, provided me with a quote and began work same-day! The whole project was done in a very timely manner, while Dim communicated with me daily and provided status updates. He's very artistic in terms of web design, while also maintaining functionality and user-friendliness; I'm thrilled with the final product. Dim was an absolute pleasure to work with - I would highly recommed Chadoulas Web Design!


ISN Inc.

Investigative Solutions Network (ISN) - CANADA

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